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Giving Back

Do you ever feel that corporations should do more to help the world?

At Dealer Pinch, we agree!

From its inception, Dealer Pinch has been committed to creating a win-win relationship in every transaction ever made. We not only save you lots of money and time on your next car, but we help you create a better world. We work with charities, institutions and other agencies to give back to the communities our customers belong to.

Most importantly, it won’t cost you a penny to create a better world, and to contribute to society.

The Cause

We believe that in the face of limited resources and increasing disasters and crises in the world, we all have a duty to show up for one another.

The Humanitarian Committee of Dealer Pinch offers a variety of ways for all of us to work on making this a better world. As a company, we hope to inspire, encourage, invigorate and promote many waves of humanitarian activities across the planet. We value health, human rights and dignity, and peace on Earth.

We believe that our customers are worth the investment. We are committed to giving back, and spreading goodwill to the community.

Together, we can create a wave of infectious positive energy that can be unstoppable.

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