Car Buying Tips for Women


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Women buy over 50% of all cars and influence over 80% of all vehicle purchases each year. Even though women have such a significant impact on the car buying business, most still dread the process. You may ask yourself, how can this be? Well, to put it simply, women are treated significantly differently than men are when they walk into a dealership. Many salespeople may assume that women don’t know very much about cars or the car buying process. Leaving them to be ignored, patronized, and possibly ripped off. So how do we fix this as women? How do we buy a car without being hassled or stressed out about the process?

Women need to get informed just as any other car buyer should. Do your research and understand the entire process. Learn about the types of cars you would consider buying and all the options that come with them. This will help later in the process when the dealer tries to up sell extra options that come with the car. When you arrive to the dealership, make sure the salespeople know you are knowledgeable and that you’re looking for credible information, not the run around. If you’re not getting the service you need or want, feel free to leave or find another salesperson. Let them know you mean business and that you’re serious about having a great car buying experience. This will help establish that you’re not an emotional buyer and you’re not willing to settle for less than what you want.

Although these tips may help you authorize respect from dealerships, there is still a chance you will have a more difficult time buying a car than a male would. A smart solution that allows you to skip the entire dealership process is to utilize the online car buying services of This company allows consumers to anonymously make offers on the cars they want to buy. The process is simple and completely undisclosed. Dealerships will not have access to any of your personal information until a deal is made. This means they will not know your age, sex, address, phone number or email address, keeping everyone on the same playing field. Not only is the process completely anonymous, you get to name your price. All that research you’ve done previously comes in handy!

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After using the research you’ve gathered to build your car and make a reasonable offer, sit back and let do all the work for you. We send your offer and an anonymous copy of your credit report (which is supplied and protected by Trans Union and ACRAnet) throughout our Network. Once your offer is accepted and a deal is made, drive to the dealership, sign your financial paperwork and drive away! No unfair treatment and no anxiety about purchasing your new vehicle.

Car buying is easier for everyone now, especially women. The best decision you can make while buying your next car is to log onto and get the car you want for the price you want, without the hassle. It just may be the easiest decision you make while buying a new car!

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Last modified: April 26, 2016