Best Cars For Your College Bound Kid


After graduating high school, many young adults are looking forward to leaving home and starting a new adventure in college. As a parent, many of you want to set up your future college student for success and that includes making sure they have a safe a reliable mode of transportation. According to the Independent Insurance Agents of America, nearly 70% of college students have a car on campus, which makes choosing the best car a common decision among many parents and future college students. Parents are looking for something safe, reliable and affordable that will last their kids for the next four years. Students are looking for something that has a sleek look and is full of technology.

Finding something that fits the criteria for both parents and students can sometimes be a daunting task. It really comes down to whether or not they should choose a clunker or buy a brand new car. There are several benefits to purchasing a new car instead of an older, used model.

  • An older car will be even older by the time your student finishes college, which may bring unexpected repair bills for both students and parents trying to stick to a budget.
  • New cars come with new car warranties that cover general maintenance and repairs, making it easier on everyone’s wallet.
  • New cars also come with the option to lease, producing lower payments for a newer safer car and allowing use of the car for the time that it is needed.
  • Newer cars have better structural crash protection and are less likely to suffer from stalling issues or other component failures that may cause lack of control for the driver.
  • Newer cars have more advanced technology including hands-free texting and calling.
  • Most used cars will not come with the amount of safety and technology parents and students are looking for.

Keeping all of these points in mind, it would be safe to say that buying a brand new car is probably the better option for both parents and students alike. In addition to safety, reliability and affordability, fuel economy and a high resale value are important factors in deciding which new car is the right choice for your college student.

We have compiled a list of vehicles that have high safety, reliability, affordability, and aren’t too bad on the eyes either. Each of these vehicles come standard with 6 airbags, antilock brakes, stability control, above average ratings from J.D. Power & Associates Initial Quality Study and hold 40% or more of their original value after 4 years of ownership.

  1. Toyota Yaris (MSRP $14,895)
  2. Hyundai Elantra (MSRP $17,150)
  3. Honda Fit (MSRP $15,890)
  4. Honda Civic (MSRP $18,640)
  5. Toyota Corolla (MSRP $17,300)
  6. Ford Focus (MSRP $17,225)
  7. Volkswagen Golf (MSRP $18,495)

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Last modified: April 27, 2016