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The Idea
DealerPinch is, like many ideas, the result of a really bad experience. In 2011, our founder found himself in the painful process of leasing a new car. He spent hours researching online and emailing dealerships, which led to receiving calls at all hours of the day and night!

He then went to dealership after dealership and found that the car he was promised had "just sold" or was different from what was originally described. Two weeks into the process, he still had no car even though he knew exactly the model he wanted. Out of that frustration, DealerPinch was born. A quick, safe, anonymous way to make an offer on a new car.
Team Icons
The DealerPinch Team
Our team of car professionals has inside knowledge of the industry and our world class programmers, engineers, and designers working tirelessly (fueled by coffee and Redbulls). We hope that our hard work and continued efforts make your next car buying experience easy and enjoyable. We think DealerPinch is the best way to get Your Car at Your Price.
Meet the Team
  • Raj Joshi

    Founder & CEO

    Raj Joshi
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Joe Chung

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Joe Chung
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Mark Wishard

    Co-Founder & VP Business Development

    Mark Wishard
    VP Business Development
  • Tanya Kormeili

    Co-Founder & VP of Public Relations

    Tanya Kormeili
    VP of Public Relations
  • Arthur Rothberg


    Arthur Rothberg
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Stan Kirtley

    VP of Sales

    Stan Kirtley
    VP of Sales
  • Jon Sgaggero

    Senior Software Developer

    Jon Sgaggero
    Senior Software Developer
  • Ryann Petersen

    Content Developer

    Ryann Petersen
    Content Developer
  • Lys Deetjen

    Graphic Designer

    Lys Deetjen
    Graphic Designer
  • Derek Vo

    User Experience Designer

    Derek Vo
    User Experience Designer
DealerPinch Privacy Protection™
DealerPinch has partnered with the most reliable institutions on the planet in order to safeguard your information. And we make sure the data we provide you is accurate.
TransUnion is a global information solutions company that serves businesses and consumers in 33 countries worldwide and safeguards the credit histories of approximately 500 million consumers worldwide. Learn more about their policies here.
For over 100 years, ACRAnet has provided consumers, businesses, and landlords with the ability to conduct in-depth background screening on individuals and organizations with whom they engage. Learn more about their policies here.
We provide the most effective method for safely handling your credit data - we never touch it. That way there is nothing to store, lose or steal. As part of our engagement with TransUnion and ACRAnet, all credit information goes directly through their systems. Learn more about us here.
For over fifty years, Edmunds has been the premier consumer resource for automotive data. Edmunds provides our visitors with the most up-to-date information on every make and model, including reviews. Learn more about Edmunds here.